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Frequently AskedQuestions

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Performance Inspired Nutrition was founded by Mark Wahlberg and Tom Dowd, who first connected over their shared passion for the health and fitness world. They​

were inspired to create a nutritious and delicious high-performance line with purposefully sourced, high-quality ingredients, formulated into a healthy range of products that would exceed customer expectations. That’s when Performance Inspired Nutrition was born. PI is a company committed to offer nutritional supplements that are designed to inspire everyone and not just professional athletes. ​

For both Mark and Tom, their experience with the industry goes beyond simply having a passion for health and fitness. Mark Wahlberg has spent his life perfecting the art of training his body and maintaining a physique required for his blockbuster Hollywood films. With extensive experience in the bodybuilding industry, Mark knows what it takes to reach peak physical shape. Tom Dowd also has a proven track record in health and fitness, spending a large portion of his professional career learning everything there is to know about the industry as he worked his way up through the ranks at GNC.

Furthermore, Performance Inspired is proud to have a team of partners with a wide range of expertise and knowledge in health and fitness, people who live and work with the integrity and passion that lie at the core of our company values. NBA star Draymond Green and Navy SEAL and Lone Survivor Foundation creator Marcus Luttrell are two of the people who partner with the company and who play a central role in the creation and execution of products.

Performance Inspired has a line of products that are compatible with everyone’s health and fitness goals, whether you are undergoing intense training at the competition level or simply looking to take small steps toward a healthier you.

Yes. In order to be successful in your gain goals, you must fuel your body correctly. Our supplements allow you to target your body’s needs, putting you on the path to success in the gym. Our products include a protein supplement specifically intended for those looking to maximize their gains.

Yes, we offer a whole range of vitamins and supplements that has been regulated by TGA.​

All purchases made at retail stores must be returned to the retailer with whom you made the purchase, and you must follow their return policy.

Find the Chemist Warehouse Return Policy here.

Our products are exclusive to Chemist Warehouse. View our range here. Keep checking in, as we will be launching our online store soon!

We are always thrilled to hear about our customers being inspired to join the #tradeup movement. If you are currently using our products, we would love to hear from you and would love to share your story on our social networks. We are very different from other brands because we DO NOT pay people to pretend they use and love our products. We never use paid brand ambassadors. In fact, we always bristle when non-product users ask to represent PI. That’s what everyone else does, but we are different, and we think better! Our commitment is to honest marketing. We use actual customers and brand fans in our marketing!

If you’re interested in becoming a PI Ambassador, read on.

Performance Inspired motivates individuals to be better every day.   

How? Through an inspired community that provides workouts, tips and general advice to achieve your active lifestyle goals. ​​

If this sounds like you, fill the form on our Become and Ambassador page with your details and tell us in no more than 300 words why you would like to become a PI ambassador.