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Performance Inspired x Chemist Warehouse

HIIT Brunch Launch Party

A big and successful Performance Inspired event was achieved in collaboration with our exclusive partner Chemist Warehouse where we celebrate the launch of Performance Inspired having the assistance and support of many celebs and influencers.

The event was placed in the iconic Paramount Recreation Centre in Sydney on 28th February, 2023.

The brand was created by Mark Wahlberg and Tom Dowd who were inspired to create a nutritious and delicious high performance line with purposefully sourced, high quality ingredients formulated into a healthy range of products that would exceed customer expectations. You can read about our story here.

It was a chance to really experience the Performance Inspired lifestyle by putting all our celebs and influencers through their paces in a HIIT session, after which, they were treated to breakfast powered by Performance Inspired. The opportunities to use Performance Inspired as an ingredient are endless – from captain obvious smoothies to left-field danish’s and chia pudding!

Stay tuned to our website for our brunch recipes.

After that, the event followed by a word from our brand team, Miriam H. and James B. and Andres M.

And of course, we could not miss the opportunity on receiving a special message from our own Mark Wahlberg! Hit the button below to watch it.

We’d also like to thank the participation and assistance of all our celebs and influencers.

Here are some of your favourite celebs and influencers that partied at our HIIT brunch!

Laura Dundovic, Caroline Groth, Jaclyn Hnitko, Joanne, Tori Levett, Lauren Vickers, Maria Tarantello, Tamera Francis, Kayla, Dom Thomas, Dom Thomas
Al Perkins, Josh Carroll, Sarah Marschke, Susan Mutesi, Alexia Aryan, Brent Leon, and Roman Kalaf.

Watch Mark's Video