Performance Inspired and F45 Track Event was an absolute HIIT!

UNITING FITNESS AND FUN – F45 Track Event Takes Australia by Storm

F45 Training, the renowned fitness community, together with Performance Inspired have brought a wave of wellness and excitement to Australia with its F45 Track event. Taking place at some of Australia’s capital cities including Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane, this energetic 45-minute outdoor workout was a must-attend for fitness enthusiasts and F45 members alike.

Led by the charismatic Cory George, the Face of F45, and Morgan Mitchell, F45 Ambassador, participants experienced the intensity of F45’s functional training while enjoying a chance to win fabulous prizes.

Unleash Your Full Potential with F45 Track…

Visitors were amazed (and sweating) as F45 trainers from all corners of Australia united in the heart of the city for an exhilarating workout experience. F45 Track combines the best of strength and cardio training with F45’s signature function team workouts.

Each participant was challenged to push themselves to their limits, ensuring that every rep counts and every F45’er felt the burn. This interactive event promises to inspire, motivate, and provide an unforgettable fitness journey.

F45 Track highlights in Adelaide…

Exciting Challenges and Prizes…

The F45 Track event was not just about the workout; it was also an opportunity to showcase your skills and win fantastic prizes. Throughout the event, participants engaged in mini exercise challenges that put their abilities to the test. Those who rose to the occasion will have a chance to win incredible rewards, including a coveted 12-month F45 membership, exclusive F45 merchandise, Performance Inspired nutrition products, and many more…

Post-Workout Recovery and Relaxation

F45 and Performance Inspired understands the importance of recovery and relaxation. After an intense sweat session – Enter F45 Social, powered by Performance Inspired, a new supplement range founded by none other than fitness icon Mark Wahlberg and available exclusively at Chemist Warehouse.

Expert F45 coaches guided participants through essential wind-down stretches and recovery exercises, ensuring that every muscle gets the attention it deserves; also a core activity to minimise injuries.

To refuel and recharge, delicious eats, Performance Inspired protein drinks were available too. There’s 2 choose from – Go Time Fruit Punch POW Energy Water and Protein Water Ready 2 GO Blueberry Lemonade.

Go Time Fruit Punch POW contains 12mg of Protein and 110mg of Caffeine for nice pre-workout hit.

Or you can go the caffeine-free option, Ready 2 Go Protein water with 30mg of protein.

The Recovery Lab, equipped with state-of-the-art amenities such as ice baths, compression boots, massage guns, and vibrating foam rollers, provided the ultimate recovery station experience.

F45 Track in Sydney…

Join the F45 Track Event with Performance Inspired

Don’t miss out on future action-packed mornings with F45! To participate in your state next time, keep an eye out on our Eventbrite page.

Whether you are a fitness enthusiast, an F45 member, or someone looking to kickstart their wellness journey, the F45 Track event offers an unbeatable opportunity to engage with the F45 community, challenge yourself physically, and have a blast while doing so.

F45 Training’s upcoming Track event promises an exciting fusion of fitness, fun, and community spirit. With the dynamic workout led by Cory George and Morgan Mitchell, the chance to win amazing prizes, and the post-workout recovery experience, attendees are guaranteed an unforgettable fitness adventure.

Register and prepare to be part of an exceptional event that celebrates health, strength, and the power of functional training.

Melbourne HIIT it hard…

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